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An Error Occurred While Scanning Or Importing Kofax


When polling is enabled, status messages are displayed at the Release workstation in the Kofax Capture PDF Release dialog box. Initialize the engine. 20002 KGERRCANNOTLOADENGINE KGERR_CANNOTLOADENGINE Cannot load engine. YesNoNeed to test N/A Did this content help you? You do not have a KF-920 or KF940 installed to print with KView. http://robertwindows.com/an-error/an-error-occurred-while-setting-scanner-properties-of-another-program-is-scanning.html

Check the KPrnt JogPositionCap property and set JogPosition accordingly. 20070 KGERRBADFOOTSWITCH KGERR_BADFOOTSWITCH Invalid or faulty footswitch. 20071 KGERRBADJOBSEP KGERR_BADJOBSEP Fujitsu-style job separators are not supported or an incorrect version of the Check that your file is valid. 20008 KGERRCANNOTFINDBICCFG KGERR_CANNOTFINDBICCFG Cannot find the BIC.CFG file. Note: For more detailed information about this tab, see Section D.4.3, "Document Storage Tab." D.3.2.5 Using the Image Format Tab Use the Image Format tab to set the format (file type) Check the KScan DeviceRotateCap and ScanContinuousCap properties and set DeviceRotate and ScanContinuous accordingly. 20227 KGERRBADIMAGEPROCLONGSCANCOMBO KGERR_BADIMAGEPROCLONGSCANCOMBO Accelerator based deskew, bar code, and patch code operations not supported when continuous scan enabled. http://knowledgebase.kofax.com/faqsearch/results.aspx?QAID=4523

An Error Occurred While Scanning Or Importing Kofax

Verify that the SCSI module is properly and securely attached to the KF-9275. 20147 KGERRBADPERIPHERALMODEL KGERR_BADPERIPHERALMODEL Peripheral model incorrectly specified. Perform a reset to reload the correct firmware. 20401 KGERRSCNWRONGMODEL KGERR_SCNWRONGMODEL The scanner firmware loaded on the Kofax accelerator is a different model than the one selected. Automatic page rotation Select to automatically detect the correct orientation of the page and rotate the image to that orientation. Mixed alphanumeric Select to replace a word with the original bitmap region if a word is found that contains mixed alpha and numeric characters.

Error Number Visual Basic Symbolic Constant Visual C++ Symbolic Constant Error Description and Troubleshooting Tips 20000 KGERRASSERTIONFAILED KGERR_ASSERTIONFAILED Assertion failed. For scan operations, check the KScan ScanDpiCap property and set ScanDpi accordingly. Scanner or printer is not connected or turned on. This list of ImageControls error codes includes troubleshooting tips for many of them.

For print operations, check the KPrnt PaperSizeCap property and set PaperSize accordingly. 20054 KGERRBADDENSITY KGERR_BADDENSITY Invalid density. You will enter this name, if necessary, during the new installation procedure. For example, map Release Date to dInDate. http://knowledgebase.kofax.com/faqsearch/results.aspx?QAID=4310 peripheral not properly installed / connected.

The Add Release Scripts dialog opens. Earlier versions of Kofax Ascent Capture are not supported. Note that the Adobe Acrobat Capture 3.0 Personal Edition does not decrement the Adobe hardware key for Image Only page content. The Open dialog opens.

Kofax Error Codes

No accelerator board. 20172 KGERRNOTREADY KGERR_NOTREADY Device is not ready. 20173 KGERRTONERLOW KGERR_TONERLOW Printer toner is low. http://www.ineed.us/weblibrary/kofax/errorcodes.htm Call Kofax Technical Support. 20101 KGERRSCANPATCHSTOP KGERR_SCANPATCHSTOP Patch code stop occurred. An Error Occurred While Scanning Or Importing Kofax Check your printer manufacturer's documentation. 20205 KGERRCOMMUNICATIONERROR KGERR_COMMUNICATIONERROR Cannot communicate with the scanner. Kofax Knowledge Base When you are finished, click Save to exit and save your changes, or click Cancel to exit without saving your changes.

For scan operations, check the ScanDirectionCap property and set ScanDirection accordingly. Check This Out Some device failed. 20175 KGERRNOTCONFIGURED KGERR_NOTCONFIGURED Not configured. If the content item is not checked out, the check in will fail with an error message. Check the capability properties and change your settings. 20078 KGERRBADSRCORIENTCOMBO KGERR_BADSRCORIENTCOMBO Invalid paper source/orientation combination.

Check the KScan ScanModel setting. 20148 KGERRBADPERIPHERALMAKE KGERR_BADPERIPHERALMAKE Peripheral make incorrectly specified. A more-descriptive error is usually generated. 20044 KGERRTIMEOUT KGERR_TIMEOUT Timeout error. Select Kofax Capture Export Connector - Oracle WebCenter Content version. http://robertwindows.com/an-error/an-error-occurred-please-try-again-later-youtube-fix.html Figure D-6 Workflow Example Name the new workflow. (For example, OracleWebCenterScansPDF.) Select the new workflow name, and right-click Insert Steps.

Click Publish. It is working now. 0 LVL 22 Overall: Level 22 Software-Other 11 Content Management 1 Message Expert Comment by:cj_19692009-03-03 Comment Utility Permalink(# a23788368) Watch out for MS patches. For display operations, make sure the KView Page property is not greater than MultiPageCount.

Set Insert Step to Split Multipage TIF, and click Insert.

Clear the checkbox to disable initiation of workflows when content items are released from Kofax and checked into Content Server. Check the Check In Adobe Acrobat Capture PDF with Errors option to check all PDF files into Content Server, even if they contain errors. For Data type, Kofax Capture supports 11 ODBC-compliant types. Document Storage Tab Used for release directory and Acrobat Capture settings (see Section D.4.3, "Document Storage Tab").

The following fixes are included: 688993 – Document Review application crashes on close Document Review no longer crashes when closed. 686170 - Rotation of PDF document is not properly shown when Delete Adobe Acrobat Capture document if a processing error occurs Select this checkbox to automatically cancel any "hung" documents in Adobe Acrobat Capture if an error occurs during the PDF conversion The Enter Text dialog opens. have a peek here Possible conflict with the selected engine or the engine does not exist.

Or, change your application to print with KPrnt. Click OK to close the Import/Export dialog. Note: The path to the OCR full text files release directory must not exceed 122 characters. It covers the following topics: Section D.1.1, "Product Overview" Section D.1.2, "Software Requirements" D.1.1 Product Overview This chapter is intended for system administrators who need to install the Kofax Capture component.

Photos / Graphics Software Software-Other Images and Photos Adobe Creative Suite CS Downloading and Installing SARDU on Windows 7 Video by: Thomas The viewer will learn how to successfully download and The Kofax Capture Export Connector - Oracle WebCenter Content Release Setup dialog opens. Only those words with a confidence level greater than or equal to your threshold will be returned as correct. For more information, see Section D.3.1.3, "Setting Up Field Types." D.3.1.3 Setting Up Field Types To set up field types: From Kofax Capture, open the Administration dialog, then select the Field

Specify a Content ID: The content is checked into Content Server with the specified Content ID and without a unique suffix added. Scanner optics or sensors need service. Answer / Solution: The error "Bad filename or number" will occur when you are scanning or importing a page, but the Image Folder defined for the Batch Class is inaccessible.On the Check the physical configuration of the scanner. 20074 KGERRBADSRCSIZECOMBO KGERR_BADSRCSIZECOMBO Invalid paper source/paper size combination.

Is there any way to verify this? Primary file Format type of the new native file check-ins. Expand the ScansOracleWebCenterParam batch class, right-click ScannedDocsOracleWebCenterParam document class, and select Release Scripts. Refer to your scanner manufacturer's documentation. 20093 KGERRMECHANICALERROR KGERR_MECHANICALERROR Peripheral mechanical malfunction.

In the Release Images As Image file type drop-down list, click Adobe Acrobat PDF (from Multipage TIFF). Determine if the files with errors remain or are deleted: To keep the PDF files with errors in the release directory, select the Keep primary and alternate files in the release D.3.2.12 Using the Server Tab The Server tab on the Content Server Release Setup dialog is used to specify settings for Content Server URL, user name, and password; to select options Within each menu, you can choose: Image, Kofax PDF, Adobe Acrobat Capture PDF, or OCR full text.

Check the KScan ScanManualStartCap property and set ScanManualStart accordingly. 20062 KGERRBADPAPERDST KGERR_BADPAPERDST Invalid paper destination. Release Kofax PDF files Select this checkbox to release Kofax PDF files. Suspect font Select to replace unusual fonts with the original bitmap region if the confidence of the font is below the OCR confidence threshold.