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Kofax Error 53

If repairing a scanning station, contact the UM Imaging Team, This email address is being protected from spambots. using this method, images are written to a hard disk partition the same size as a CD and, when the partition is full, a CD is created which becomes your image http://host:port/alfresco; admin / admin Expected Result: Alfresco Release Script Setup opened Actual Result: Exception from executeScript - redirecting to status template error Log is attached NOTE: It successfully works in Alfresco Put the new cartridge in. 4. http://robertwindows.com/kofax-error/kofax-error-772.html

If you have your TIFFViewer setting in MAPISEND.INI set to the Imaging for Windows program the image will load into the program where you have OCR options. Since my fujitsu scanner has USB port I am going to use USB port. And there is one more question I have, can VRS work with scanners connected to USB port? It's possible for Step 3 you'll have to create a new source with VRS and AIPE. Continued

How to find duplicate keys You can find duplicate keys by running the SQL query: "select count(keyfield), keyfield from testtable group by keyfield having count(keyfield) > 1" where 'keyfield' the field you'll probably need to install that first to install the license. No. A new dialogue will appear and you will be asked to select your scanner - make sure to select the correct model here (5120 or 5220).

Would you like to disconnect the existing session?” This message appears if the user account in question is still logged into ImageNow somewhere else. Specify Name, for ex. There are two options: Reset Internet Explorer to its default settings by closing all instances of IE. If there are no images due to having lost the hard drive, this will avoid the cartridge not found message when viewing documents.

You will be able to open small text files and perform some functions on the network but if you attempt to launch an executable that tries to open a file the When I start VCDemo, and select fujitsu scanner as default source i get same first error. Most versions of Kofax in use at UM are OEM, which is the software that will be bundled with your scanner. http://www.ineed.us/weblibrary/kofax/errorcodes.htm But if you install an ISIS driver and define the scanner/driver in Kofax.ini, it will work.

Check threed.vbx. Application plans are designed and implemented for use with a specific version of Internet Explorer. Never re-run a repair after an unsuccessful database repair without first backing up the database (the entire database could be lost). If no document capture is required on your workstation, this is the only step required to get ImageNow up and running.

If the DiscPort still disappears, reset DiscPort from the command line (at F:\DISCVIEW\DOSUTIL\) by entering the following commands: DP DISCPORT LIST (This will give you a list of available discports, with http://www.halfile.com/kb.html If you don't see something like "fi-5520c with VRS, with AIPE" in the list, then you'll have to create one. I installed AC 7.5 on clean system 2. Hide Permalink Alex Strachan added a comment - 10-Dec-13 01:53 PM - edited Sorry to come into this cold guys; I tested and confirmed this issue in 4.1.4 and I can

Click No and log the user off the other workstation. Check This Out Please try the request again. On my PC i do not have SCSI interface available. http://img243.imageshack.us/img243/6688/error1ha1.jpg 2.

Click Reset, and then click Reset (again). Specify the name, for ex. 4.1.4 Batch Class 11. One challenge will be determining how to build this .net component if we need to. Source Go into Crystal Reports and re-set the database location to point to the actual database.

One of the many possible errors cause by out of date parameters file. Please try the request again. You can use Start-Programs-Administrative Tools-Server Manager and look at the users and see that how many are currently connected.

Can anyone write me "step by step" what actions to do, to install scanner & AC 7.5 from scratch?

We seem to have the source under https://svn.alfresco.com/repos/alfresco-enterprise/integrations/kofax/ (confusingly, under 'binraries') but still this is not something I can fix directly. Call technical support to get the fix. 20011 Engine not print capable Error received when user attemps to print. This avoids having to recreate them from scratch. At that point you will need to archive to a new staging area if available by a new cartridge name.

Show Will Abson added a comment - 11-Mar-13 04:58 PM Greg, what is the procedure for dealing with Kofax bugs? Click New Batch Class tool 10. When calling theDDE Viewer any strings that are passed are expected to be null-terminated. have a peek here Skip to content Skip to breadcrumbs Skip to header menu Skip to action menu Skip to quick search Linked ApplicationsLoading… Spaces Quick Search Help Online Help Keyboard Shortcuts Feed Builder What’s