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Labview Error 1026 Vi Reference Is Invalid

Each element of the cluster must have either a unique name or no name, such as an empty string. −375001 The JSON root container must be an array or cluster. −375000 Overflow occurs when the data is not read fast enough. 56000 Generic project error. 56001 An item with this name already exists in the project. 56002 An item with this path Ansonsten, wie Gerd schon sagte, , um Englisch kommst du im Programmier-Metier nicht herum. We have a dedicated and devoted team of professional writers with multi-dimensional experience of several years. Source

Is it possible the function was actually successful, but still returned some kind of error? Details General LabVIEW Error Codes LabVIEW VIs and functions and VI Server properties and methods can return the following error codes. Void can be used only as return type of function. 1186 Cannot show or hide the label on its own. So I guess the question is, is there any reason (other than the error I've seen) to believe that dynamically called VIs should be any different?Yen, Thanks for the idea.

For example, use \ as path separators on Windows, : on OS X (32-bit), and / on Linux and OS X (64-bit). −4406 A VI item in the palette data array Given my observations with the test program, do you think that is enough to submit to NI for further investigation? A Call by Reference is similar to a sub-vi call.

Ether03-25-2010, 11:54 AMIt looks like the framework is trying to shut down Autonomous Independent, but failing. The input for class name is not correct or is in the wrong format. To do that, first of all, open the vi 'Cscope vi container.vi' from the “Cscope Control Driver.llb” and then click on 'Save All'. This normally is a user data file. 116 Unflatten or byte stream read operation failed due to corrupt, unexpected, or truncated data. 117 Directory path supplied where a file path is

You must pass either 1 string or 6 strings. 1524 The target version for save is not formatted correctly. It organizes the source files in your directory in one place. To correct this error, set the minimum size of the pane to a smaller value, or wire a value to the Splitter Position property that does not shrink the pane beyond https://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/archive/index.php/t-84633.html You must enable LabVIEW JSON extensions to allow support for a value of NaN. −375009 The JSON string contains an invalid multi-dimensional array. −375008 The array has an invalid number of

No, we've learned our lesson there, thanks to your (and other's) posts on this topic. ~ Greg McKaskle03-25-2010, 01:03 PMThere is indeed an unwired error within the framework that will cause Share this post Link to post Share on other sites Aristos Queue 538 LV R&D: I write C++/# so you don't have to. This error occurs in stand-alone applications when the VI is polymorphic. It makes a certain amount of sense, but surprises me since it apparently isn't documented.

Sign In Sign Up Browse Back Browse Forums Downloads Gallery Staff Online Users Activity Back Activity All Activity My Activity Streams Unread Content Content I Started Search JavaScript is disabled. The file may be corrupt. 4811 Cannot support sound format. To correct this error and inline the subVI, remove the implicit Property Node or Invoke Node. 1488 The migration file cannot load because it is no longer supported. 1489 The migration Certified Professional InstructorCertified LabVIEW ArchitectLabVIEW Champion"...

I may have run into stuff similar to this before but usually I go bezerk and just fall back on a crappy work around to keep things moving along. this contact form now the main VI is built into exe with the dynamicVIs in always included list. To correct this error and inline the subVI, remove the implicit control reference. 1485 LabVIEW cannot inline the subVI into its calling VIs because the block diagram of the subVI contains Sign in here.

Label visibility is controlled by the label owner. 1187 Internet Explorer is required for this operation but it is not installed. 1188 The static VI reference is not configured. See the attached file for further information. So I'm beginning to conclude that my demo is a bust. http://robertwindows.com/labview-error/labview-error-code-1026.html Cookies sind für den Betrieb des Forums unverzichtbar.

Guru, Interesting idea. I have started to ask myself, well, if such-or-such VI returned an error, I can assume it failed, and if it failed, what should I do next. Refer to the Connection Responsiveness: Check Method topic in the LabVIEW Help for more information about connection polling. 1131 You cannot use this property with this system control. 1135 The tree

what is the non 8.2 layout ?

This normally is a user data file. 99 Incorrect file version. For example if the input is a path, the path might contain a character not allowed by the OS such as ? I've built whole systems on the basis of this (for sub-vi's, not for dynamicly-called VI). However, I assumed that was what LabVIEW was doing for me.

Einführende Links zu LabVIEW, s. It makes a certain amount of sense, but surprises me since it apparently isn't documented. it could come back to bite him at the worst possible time. ~ Ether03-25-2010, 10:08 AMthis indicates a bad VI refnum was wired in as a parameter somewhere in the VI Check This Out That's the only one.

In terms of memory leaks I would suggest that it is bound to be possible if there are bugs however I think if you are getting repeated errors to an extent What about Enqueue or TCP write (or any of the others)? A VI can open VI Server references only to other VIs that it could call as subVIs. If you receive this error while trying to run File I/O VIs, refer to the KnowledgeBase at ni.com for more information. 2 Memory is full.

Right-click the container border and select Replace or drag new subtype. 1096 The Open VI Reference function cannot prepare a non-reentrant VI for reentrant run. The lock prevents giving the untitled item a name so it cannot be saved. 1571 You cannot open a packed library saved in a version earlier than the current version of local error handling shouldn't enqueue the element again if the operation was successful notwithstanding the error. Sign In Now Sign in to follow this Followers 3 Go To Topic Listing LabVIEW General All Activity Home Software & Hardware Discussions LabVIEW General Do close primitives that return errors

Was it really “half-valid”, or just invalid but non-zero? I would say if something didn't throw an error in this case it is a bug with the API. Or sign in with one of these services Sign in with Facebook Sign in with Twitter Sign in with LinkedIn Sign Up All Content All Content This Topic This Forum Advanced To correct this error, restart LabVIEW and review your code for recursive data structures. 1000 The VI is not in a state compatible with this operation.

Change the execution mode of the referenced VI to reentrant for this operation. 1301 The dimension of the array passed in does not match the expected dimension for the operation. 1303 This will be corrected in the future, but doesn't warrant an update. I haven't been able to find documentation on this feature. You can also save a reference for a dynamic VI call inside a FGV shift register.