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Labview Error Code 21

Another application is currently using the device. If it doesn't, make sure you have added all the correct installers for you application. This mismatch implies that the dependency report is unreliable, so the ReadLinkInfo operation was aborted. 1595 The RT target does not have enough memory to load the startup application. 1596 Cannot However, the primary DLL may not know that the secondary DLLs are also located in that directory.Therefore, place the secondary DLLs in: windows\system directory for Windows. Source

SarahApplications Engineer | National Instruments | UK & Ireland 0 Kudos Message 7 of 13 (7,230 Views) Reply 0 Kudos Re: Missing subvi DAQmx Read.vi/LabVIEW load error code 21: An external I installed missed NI Scope and NI DMM correct version... Both the 0x80 and 0x100 option flags conflict with the 0x08 option flag. Double-click the VI or function and replace the general error handling with an error out indicator or some other form of error handling. check here

thanks, -A 0 Kudos Message 5 of 13 (7,235 Views) Reply 0 Kudos Re: Missing subvi DAQmx Read.vi/LabVIEW load error code 21: An external subroutine required for execution could For example, this error might occur when a front panel terminal is inside a structure. 1430 The path is empty or relative. This error also can occur if you attempt to obtain a VI's image while the VI is being modified programmatically.

Build the installer and install the application on another machine. You cannot use this property with a Conditional Disable structure because conditions determine the active frame. If it is reentrant, use the Open VI Reference function with the options input set to 0x08 to prepare the VI for reentrant run or use the Open VI Reference function There is already a VI in this hierarchy with this name. 1449 Arrays must have at least one dimension and a maximum of 63 dimensions. 1450 One or more untitled library

LabVIEW determines how data is aligned and you cannot alter that alignment. See Related Links for NI-DAQmx Driver Page If you are doing GPIB communication, serial communication, or any other protocol that uses NI-VISA, make sure you have installed the NI-VISA Run Time Is this board supported inversion 7.1 that I downloaded? http://digital.ni.com/public.nsf/allkb/9DB0FFEA194AA7D086256C10007C8023 This could be caused by an invalid sound driver. 4801 Invalid sound task refnum.

To correct this error, make sure the reference to the semaphore is valid. 1544 LabVIEW attempted a read, write, or seek on a file opened in unbuffered mode, and the data Make sure you include the front panel of the VI when building a stand-alone application. 1014 Linker error. 1015 Printer is not responding. Error.docx ‏15 KB 0 Kudos Message 1 of 5 (677 Views) Reply 0 Kudos Solution Accepted by topic author srii2sree ‎08-27-2015 06:09 PM Re: Error code 21 GerdW Knight of NI Save any work to a new location and restart LabVIEW. 1144 Cannot insert VI in a subpanel control because VI is already open. 1145 Cannot open VI because it is already

A format specifier does not match the data type of its corresponding argument in a Format Into String or Scan From String function. 82 Unknown format specifier. http://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW/Error-code-21/td-p/3181710 The values were clipped to fit within this range. −4820 A buffer underflow has occurred. An error occurred converting from LabVIEW type to OLE variant type. 88 Run-time menu error. 89 Another user tampered with the VI password. 90 Variant attribute not found. 91 The data This error occurs when you use an index value that is out of range to access a frame in a Case, Stacked Sequence, or Event structure. 1313 You cannot use this

Ensure that a task is active and try again. this contact form Unable to checkout the requested license feature because the license is invalid or does not exist. 1381 Cannot create semaphores with a size less than one. 1384 Cannot start dragging because The requested entry could not be found. −120000 LabVIEW SignalExpress is required to open this ExpressVI. The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down.

If you are doing data acquisition and the function that caused the error is a data acquisition VI, make sure you have installed the correct version of NI-DAQmx for your hardware The 0x08 flag is useful when running VIs with the Run VI method. You must create these objects in the LabVIEW development system. 1124 VI is not loadable. http://robertwindows.com/labview-error/labview-error-code-91.html Please Contact NI for all product and support inquiries.

Use the Get Volume Info function to return the proper sector size. You can use this property only with the Conditional Disable structure. 1377 A Diagram Disable Structure cannot have conditions. Verify that both instrument drivers are present and install or update if necessary.If both instrument drivers are present, verify the operating system environment variable PATH includes a reference to the \VXIPnP\bin

A VI is reserved for running when you open a reference to the VI by wiring a type specifier VI Refnum to the Open VI Reference function, or when you have

Use the Window Appearance page to configure if the front panel is shown when the VI is run or loaded. You must specify a different location on disk when copying a project library. 1440 The filename does not match the expected name. You cannot use queues for communication between LabVIEW application instances. 1492 If you obtain a notifier reference in one application instance, you cannot use that notifier reference in another application instance. Thanks.

Refer to the help for the property or method to determine if it is allowed remotely. 1033 Bad run-time menu file version. 1034 Bad run-time menu file. 1035 Operation is invalid es urgente necesito solucion antes de 2 dias.... This normally is a user data file. 99 Incorrect file version. Check This Out M series.

For example, use \ as path separators on Windows, : on Mac OS X, and / on Linux. The front panel must already be open before you close it or set its state. 1150 Cannot open a front panel that is already open. This normally is a user data file. 116 Unflatten or byte stream read operation failed due to corrupt, unexpected, or truncated data. 117 Directory path supplied where a file path is