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Labview Error Code 30

A timing source such as IEEE-1588 or GPS modified the global time value on the controller. If your GPIB board is the System Controller, then use the ibsic function (or SendIFC function) to send an interface clear. I get a message like "labview load error code 30:could not initialize password" after crash windows and reinstall labview 5.1 Somebody know what is this? Check your device's user manual for the possible termination methods to use with your instrument. http://robertwindows.com/labview-error/labview-error-code-91.html

You cannot use this property with a Conditional Disable structure because conditions determine the active frame. Ensure that the parameters values are within the supported range for the hardware and drivers. −4406 A VI item in the palette data array is not supported in this version of You can use the Strip Path function to wire the filename as a string, but this will not work for VIs in libraries. 1447 There was a name conflict while saving A VI is reserved for running when you open a reference to the VI by wiring a type specifier VI Refnum to the Open VI Reference function, or when you have https://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW/Why-do-i-get-Error-Code-30-after-recompile-of-working-code/td-p/3178798

Reboot your computer.12. It is easy to misspell this message as "*IND?", which the instrument will not understand, so it will not generate a message string for you to read from the instrument. is FALSE and a queue or notifier with that name was not found, LabVIEW returns this error. 1102 The string wired to the xml string input is empty. 1103 The XML

Poor|Excellent Yes No Document Quality? To correct this error, restart LabVIEW and review your code for recursive data structures. 1000 The VI is not in a state compatible with this operation. You can use the Conditions property and the Get Frame Index method only with the Conditional Disable structure. 1378 Cannot set the Active Frame property on a Conditional Disable structure. Unnamed mechanisms do not have this restriction, because each request to obtain an unnamed mechanism creates a new mechanism. 1095 This container cannot be left without a subtype.

Set Segment Headers to One header per segment to correct this error. 1 An input parameter is invalid. If this error is returned from a Property or Invoke Node, the property or method might not be allowed for remote VI Server connections. This error also can occur if you attempt to open a reference to a VI that is running or reserved for running. http://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW/I-get-a-message-like-quot-labview-load-error-code-30-could-not/td-p/32950 You can use this property only with the Conditional Disable structure. 1377 A Diagram Disable Structure cannot have conditions.

Byte count (where you expect to receive a certain number of bytes in a message) is always used, but some instruments use EOS and byte count, some use EOI and byte Save any work to a new location and restart LabVIEW. 1144 Cannot insert VI in a subpanel control because VI is already open. 1145 Cannot open VI because it is already Verify the values you wired to the Call Library Function Node. 1098 Cannot disconnect type definitions or polymorphic VIs if the block diagram is not available. 1100 No object of that This cannot occur unless the firmware is being updated.

This error might occur if the create if not found input of the Obtain Semaphore Reference VI is FALSE and LabVIEW cannot find a semaphore with the name you specify. 1535 This error occurs when you try to use the Default Frame property with a Diagram Disable structure. Consider building caches for each set of paths that share a common directory. 1580 Cannot find the compiled code in the compiled object cache. The return type must be Void, Numeric, or String.

Error Codes 05 - 07: These errors indicate that the firmware update process was not successful. http://robertwindows.com/labview-error/labview-error-code-32.html For example: [ ( 3 long flashes - 1 ) x 10 ] + [ 4 short flashes - 1 ] = Error Code 23 Before attempting to resolve errors, verify The ibpad function will return what the previous setting for the device was, and you can check to see if the configured address matches the device's actual address. Unable to checkout the requested license feature because the license is invalid or does not exist. 1381 Cannot create semaphores with a size less than one. 1384 Cannot start dragging because

This error occurs when the board is the Controller-In-Charge and is not properly addressed before starting a transfer. Although normal allocation might run the system out of memory, frequently an out of memory error is caused by interpreting the data incorrectly and treating something that is data as the Consider building caches for each set of paths that share a common directory. 1580 Cannot find the compiled code in the compiled object cache. have a peek here This problem happens when the board is not physically plugged into the system, the I/O address specified during configuration does not mach the actual board setting, there is a system conflict

This error was most likely a configuration mismatch between the calling conventions of the Call Library Node and the function being called in the DLL. 1523 Passed an invalid number of Code resource already loaded. 1307 Subpanel control could not open the VI window. My Profile | RSS | Privacy | Legal | Contact NI © 2014 National Instruments Corporation.

Solutions: Make sure that your messages consist of commands that the instrument understands.

There is a three-second delay before the message is repeated. EABO (6)Error Condition: I/O operation aborted.Description: EABO indicates that an I/O operation has been cancelled for some reason.Possible Cause: The EABO error is usually the result of a timeout during a EDVR (0) ECIC (1) ENOL (2) EADR (3) EARG (4) ESAC (5) EABO (6) ENEB (7) EDMA (8) EOIP (10) ECAP (11) EFSO (12) EBUS (14) ESTB (15) ESRQ (16) ETAB Then compile the VI. 1581 Cannot use this property on either .NET or ActiveX Container. 1584 The data in the reference cannot be resized.

If the VI or function that throws this error has an error out parameter, wire error out to the selector terminal of a case structure to avoid this error message. The target version for save must be a valid LabVIEW version in the form x.x or xx.x, where x is a number. The control reference of the control does not belong to the VI that owns the Property or Invoke Node. 1311 The input for class name is not correct or is in Check This Out Certified Professional InstructorCertified LabVIEW ArchitectLabVIEW Champion"...

One of the specified arguments is invalid. −1967345147 Entry not found. All Other Error Codes: Cannot be resolved on site and you should contact National Instruments technical support in order to have the GPIB-ENET repaired. A specified refnum was not valid. −1967345151 Invalid property code. My Profile | RSS | Privacy | Legal | Contact NI © 2014 National Instruments Corporation.

Open the Execution page of the VI Properties dialog box to change the settings for the VI execution. 1006 FPDCO on connector pane thinks it is constant. 1007 No IP record Set the Type of Dialog node of the error handler VI to 0 (zero).