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Labview Visa Error -1073807339


This error can occur if you use a property or method that is not supported in the LabVIEW Run-Time Engine. 1044 VI is locked. 1045 Null Refnum passed to Close Reference. To correct this error, you must obtain a valid license for the VI and its containing library. 1390 You attempted to open a VI Server reference to an out-of-scope VI. This error occurs when you try to use the Default Frame property with a Diagram Disable structure. An array must have 1 or more dimensions. 1176 Invalid waveform dimension in Call Library Function Node configuration. http://robertwindows.com/labview-error/labview-error-6.html

Poor|Excellent Yes No Document Quality? Press the key or click anywhere in the dialog box to display a description of the error code in the Explanation field. Move the serial cable way from power cables, monitors, or other potential noise sources. 6. A timeout error occurred because the application was unable to successfully acquire a mutex. 4823 You cannot perform this operation without an active task.

Labview Visa Error -1073807339

VISA Session Was Previously Closed: This error can also occur if the VISA session was unexpectedly closed during communication. To correct this error, install the latest version of DirectX from http://www.microsoft.com/downloads. 4810 Cannot recognize sound format. Refer to the National Instruments Web site to download the VIs. 1196 Cannot list the same terminal more than once in the grown region of the expandable subVI. 1197 This operation

Strings return types are passed as a C String Pointer or a Pascal String Pointer. 1175 Invalid array dimension in Call Library Function Node configuration. To correct this error and inline the subVI, remove the implicit control reference. 1485 LabVIEW cannot inline the subVI into its calling VIs because the block diagram of the subVI contains The Scan From String function was unable to scan its input because the data was not in the expected format. Labview Visa Error Codes A filename is no longer sufficient because the full name of a VI now includes any owning libraries.

All rights reserved. | Cart|Help KnowledgeBase Request Supportfrom an engineer NIHome > Support > KnowledgeBase English 23 ratings: 3.43 out of 5   Error -1073807246 Daqmx Error Codes The driver did not install error code text files to describe the driver error codes. This file cannot be saved until all dependent files have been named. 1022 Wizard Template not found. 1023 Wizard template does not have a diagram. 1024 Call Instrument aborted. 1025 Application Verify the values you wired to the Call Library Function Node. 1098 Cannot disconnect type definitions or polymorphic VIs if the block diagram is not available. 1100 No object of that

This might have corrupted the LabVIEW memory. Labview Error 200279 Frequency domain waveforms are constructed with a base frequency f0 and a delta frequency df. To correct this error, wire the required input. 1398 The subVI cannot be inlined because there is a local variable in the block diagram. 1399 The subVI cannot be inlined because If you do not have the right amount of data to align to a sector size, you must pad the data with filler data and delete the filler data before LabVIEW

Daqmx Error Codes

This normally is a user data file. 99 Incorrect file version. https://zone.ni.com/reference/en-XX/help/371361H-01/lvhowto/find_error_descriptions/ The For Loop executes until an error occurs or until the number of set iterations completes. Labview Visa Error -1073807339 Wire the error information from the beginning of the VI to the end. Labview Error Daqmx Using While Loops for Error Handling Back to top You can wire an error cluster to the conditional terminal of a While Loop or to a For Loop with a conditional

Stopping a While Loop Learn LabVIEW Basics in a New Way Learn these LabVIEW concepts though our new, interactive experience. this contact form Answered Your Question? 1 2 3 4 5 Document needs work? If this error is returned from a Property or Invoke Node, the property or method might not be allowed for remote VI Server connections. To resolve this error, give the file a path that does not already contain a LabVIEW file in any open application instance. 1358 The splitter bar cannot be moved to this Labview Error 1073807339

Verify the ability name does not contain spaces. 1469 Specified ability already exists. The disk or hard drive does not have enough free space to complete the operation. You cannot add an ability multiple times. 1470 Specified folder is outside the library. have a peek here NoteActiveX error codes are documented by Microsoft in winerror.h.

Poor|Excellent Yes No Document Quality? Error Labview Fpga When a Boolean control is configured with a latching mechanical action, the Value property always returns an error. Close other programs that may be using the serial port, such as HyperTerminal.

You can use the Conditions property and the Get Frame Index method only with the Conditional Disable structure. 1378 Cannot set the Active Frame property on a Conditional Disable structure.

The sound format of this file is not recognizable. To correct this error, you must obtain a valid license for the VI and its containing library. 1389 You are attempting to save or copy a VI that is either in Use the LabVIEW error handling VIs and functions on the Dialog & User Interface palette and the error in and error out parameters of most VIs and functions to manage errors. Labview Fpga Error Code The lock prevents giving the untitled item a name so it cannot be saved. 1571 You cannot open a packed library saved in a version earlier than the current version of

You cannot use the prefix LV_ on a data name. 1362 Cannot use this property with this string display mode or if word wrapping is enabled. This error occurs when you use an index value that is out of range to access a frame in a Case, Stacked Sequence, or Event structure. 1313 You cannot use this Closing all the VIs that use serial VIs is not enough to release the port. Check This Out To resolve this error, give the file a unique name that does not already exist in the application instance. 1052 The LabVIEW filename is invalid. 1054 The specified object was not

There is already a VI in this hierarchy with this name. 1449 Arrays must have at least one dimension and a maximum of 63 dimensions. 1450 One or more untitled library A possible cause for this error is the disk or hard drive to which you are trying to save might be full. Then choose the correct function name. 1579 Specified paths do not share a common directory.