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Lotus Notes Traveler Android Error 500

tell traveler -s * pmr ─ If the IBM Notes Traveler server will not start, run the PMR command from a command utility window from the directory /traveler/util. Buckets are "000-001", "001-002", "002-005", "005-010", "010-030", "030-060", "060-120", "120-Inf". It shows on my desktop but here it comes very later some times. There must be a fix for this. http://robertwindows.com/lotus-notes/lotus-notes-traveler-error-401.html

You paid money for it so you are entitled to support. -- Cheers, Edward Edward van der Maas18-Jun-2011, 01:14nareshbk wrote: > > Novell gave up on me. For 64-bit Domino installations, Lotus Notes Traveler will ensure at least 400 HTTP threads are allocated. BTW: This is the response from IBM I got this morning about this issue... Tested on Android 5 and 6 on several devices.

To determine number of Notes Traveler devices, Issue the below console command: Tell Traveler stat show push.devices.total* Push.Devices.Total = 225 This indicates that 225 devices are registered for synchronization with the ex. any suggestions Full Review Atif Khalid October 27, 2016 Excellent! Apache proxy obviously understands LAGs SSL segments and chops them in smaller sizes, which in turn can be handled with Domino server.

Fine Tuning the Notes Traveler server: 22. | © 2013 IBM Corporation22 Tuning: HTTP Threads Default HTTP thread values activated by Notes Traveler: For 32-bit Domino installations, Lotus Notes Traveler will Is this Traveler Application running on the same server ? -- Cheers, Edward sebastijan15-Jun-2011, 08:36It took me few days but here's update: > On what platform are you running your webseal If the user home page is not set as the default, it can be viewed by pointing the browser to http://hostname/servlet/traveler. Was running smoothly until the last update.

I have run a lot of services on one server (iNotes, SMTP, LDAP, HTTP, and more), but I've never run the combo that you're trying. Not that I'm aware off and we use SSL between webservers and LAG's a lot. > - if it is, who's to blame - LAG or iNotes? I got the same result with DolphinHD, however logging in to Lotus Domino webmail using Firefox does work (Domino 8.5.2 FP2). http://www-10.lotus.com/ldd/dominowiki.nsf/dx/Android_troubleshooting_LNT8521 The return codes are: 200 - Successful 408 - Device did not respond before the server terminated the session 409 - Device started a new session which caused this session to

Add to Wishlist Adding... Reply 03-23-2011,12:34 AM #28 gizzyman Posts 167 Posts Question You see the following error message on the Lotus Domino server console: "07:59:51 AM Invalid POST Request Exception [/dir/database.nsf/...]" What See attachment Last one i used was lotus launcher 2. I'm also thinking that it might be a good idea (if you have not already done so) to ask Novell to take another look at this.

I wouldn't have thought that the OS version should come into play, and for what it's worth, I haven't seen any problems with any other web sites. FYI I have attached the ini from before and after the install to see if there's something obvious. Invalid post request exception. As was the case the last time, we are seeing Domino HTTP reject a POST request received from NAM with a 400 (Bad Request) error with a large content length specified

If the number of active HTTP threads is insufficient, the following problems may occur: 1. http://robertwindows.com/lotus-notes/lotus-notes-traveler-error-443.html Name* Description Visibility Others can see my Clipboard Cancel Save NetIQ Forums > PRODUCT DISCUSSION FORUMS > IDENTITY & ACCESS MANAGEMENT > Access Manager > iNotes error PDA View Full Version Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. REGISTER Takes just a sec!

Some times mail send but received by sender very late. You need to install the Firefox browser to be able to access the Notes Traveler to login and download the installer. They say this patch will be included in official SP4 which is scheduled to be released at the beginning of October ("but a date has not been committed yet" - their this content lookupName=Administering+IBM+Notes+Traveler+9#action=openDocument&res_title=Device_logging_A 9&content=pdcontent ─ PMR command details: http://www-10.lotus.com/ldd/dominowiki.nsf/xpDocViewer.xsp?

That's some extensive troubleshooting you've done there :) On what platform are you running your webseal instance ? -- Cheers, Edward nareshbk03-Jun-2011, 17:06We have a similar issue with Traveler which is I told > them IBM is also looking at the issue...but they wanted to close it.. > grrrrrrr insist that they reopen the SR it as the problem is not resolved. Congratulations.

I Have been working withput issues since then. **** Oroginal review **** After the update today the Verse client shows disabled my mail and calendar stating that Maas360 is not initialized.

Forwarding web links through this app is also a waste of time as only people with the Maas360 browser can open it!! How messy can software be, coupled with a serious battery drain? As a final try I tried Dolphin HD and it pulled up no problem. I have 8.5.3 code drop 4 (beta) and it synched up immediately.

I don't use SSL so I guess the HTTPS bit is not the end of the world. 0 Message Author Comment by:h3rm1t95362013-05-19 Comment Utility Permalink(# a39179643) I restarted the server Issue “tell traveler mem” command to see the history of memory. ─ Console Message: Disk space for {location} has {%} percent free. ─ Corrective action: Remove unneeded files to increase free I have not seen any issues, though I have not changed my cal view from agenda so I cant talk about that issue. have a peek at these guys If someone sends you a picture then resizing is hellishly slow.