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You can only upload videos smaller than 600 MB. If false or nil then will not show an internal cooldown Example(s): Code: self:newSpell({ slotID = 14, internalcooldown = 45, }) EH will show the internalcooldown of the trinket in slotID What's changed from the original EventHorizon? If true then EH will display the internal cooldown of the trinket in the provided slotID that is defined in trinkets.lua.

I hope there is a fix on the horizon.


Horizon Mb

Untested in beta, haven't had an opportunity. * Core: Trinkets and other gear checks now use savedvariables to avoid constant GetItemInfo calls and at least somewhat remedy the related Beta/PTR issues. v1.9 r233: * Core: The frame update function now obeys config.texturedbars if the option is disabled. * Core: Removed some debug code that snuck in the release. If a number then the debuff/playerbuff defined for this bar must have greater than or equal to the number of stacks for it to show. Note: I don't have an account, so this release is pretty much triage to fix a few v1.9.3: Mmm, ticks.

Don't worry, it's easier than it may seem. Note: Let's say a bar is tracking a proc and two spells with differing cast times, with the recast flag on. requiredGlyph spellID or false/nil. v1.9 r312: Maintenance release with Cataclysm and PTR compatibility while I break things for Axis.

v1.9 r327: Warlock love inc. * Core: Bypassed a check in UPDATE_SHAPESHIFT_FORM when playing a Warlock. Horizon Download BM may have a screwy shot list as a result of all this. * Priest: Lots of changes for playability. - Shadow: Shuffled the bars a little. To make this easier to implement, config.bgcolor and config.bordercolor have been moved to the EventHorizon.colors. https://uk.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20140517092509AAf77aB Note: Some items (Deathbringer's Will in particular) seem to prefer placing a full cooldown bar for whatever reason.

v1.9: Next up, Axis! - NOTE: EventHorizon_Lines and EventHorizon_Redshift will be marked as disabled when you log in. Videos showing EH in action: Dezzimal posted a great instructional video using a Shadow Priest for reference. Come say hi! However, it really doesn't need one - Everything should "just work".

Horizon Download

Mind Flay now shares with Mind Blast, SWD shares with SWP. * Shaman: Hey look, I play one these days. https://kb.vmware.com/kb/2039658 Max size of a disk (in bytes) to use on file system? Horizon Mb EventHorizon_Redshift has a similar configuration to EventHorizon itself, though is much simpler in nature. whitezombie455 2013-04-02 00:58:43 UTC #4 Yeah I actually don't have Horizon installed currently on my computer because I just recently repair installed it so I have been having troubles re-installing horizon...

Brusalk - Sat Jul 23 00:36:53 2016 -0700 Fixed cata talent req for real this time. Brusalk - Fri Jul 22 00:42:13 2016 -0700 Updated TOCs to match actual live version number Brusalk - Fri Jul 22 00:34:10 2016 -0700 Added Shadow Priest Class Config provided by This file contains every setting available for EH and is heavily commented to help tweak things to your liking. Brusalk - Sat Jul 23 00:36:01 2016 -0700 Enabled staticframes on by default, and widened default icon-width and individual bar height.This should help EH gracefully scale to low numbers of active

So the order of the bars that appear in EventHorizon is dependent on the order in which you add them in the config.lua. PTR and Beta players will notice new bar layouts. * Class Config: Added two new flags to NewSpell: - requiredTree = or {tree, tree, ...} - Adds a dominant talent Addon Info. Home Categories FAQ/Guidelines Terms of Service Privacy Policy Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled Infinity Horizon Log In Installing Lua error!

Brusalk - Sat Jul 23 02:40:24 2016 -0700 Improved user experience with empty class configs EH now hides the whole frame when there are no active spellbars or an empty spellconfig Read on for the gory details. * Core: EventHorizon's layout has changed for the better! Personal Open source Business Explore Sign up Sign in Pricing Blog Support Search GitHub

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You're welcome, and I hope to never touch that file again. * Druid/Balance: Added Starfall.

The numbers are turned such that it'll appear that EH grows up to 4 bars, and then begins to shrink each bar to stay within the static-height. Uses the new smallCooldown flag to improve usability. + Filler separated into two bars. Adjust accordingly. * Core: Added support for equipped items (trinkets, anyone?) and Engineering tinkers via 'slotID = ' in the class config. I have a headache. * Config: Added a new option, config.showTrinketBars (default = true) - Set this to anything but true or remove it entirely to disable. * Core: Trinket bars

Where this is useful is that myconfig.lua is never included in the updated versions of EventHorzion, and as such will never be overwritten when downloading a new version of EventHorizon. Most will find the layout more intuitive than it has been in recent releases. + Moved Shadowfiend CD to the Devouring Plague bar. Fixed Green texture display bug. I'll spare the details here, check beta comments for how it all works. * Core: Added a NewSpell flag, 'smallCooldown', indended to improve visibility of certain auras without removing their cooldowns.

If you want it back delete the line it says to delete to get it back - Fixed error with Shadowflame debuff dot. Does not support class coloring. (example: barcolor = {Red,Green,Blue,Alpha}, ie {1,0,0,0.6} ) - barcolorunique: Sets a custom color for 'unique' spells for this bar. Notepad++ handles this very nicely. Example(s): Code: self:newSpell({ debuff = {1543, 3}, recast = true, }) EH will show a recast line for the debuff with spellID 1543 that has an unhasted time between ticks of

No more long cooldown option, talent checks are a bit more intelligent to compensate. * Priest: Penance will keep its own icon. * Warlock: Adjusted the config a bit to better I had this release planned long ago, sorry for the delay. * NOTE: This release is compatible with live realms, PTRs, and the Cataclysm beta. unlinkDevice - gamemodes/horizon/gamemode/init.lua:499 3. Please be advised that after it's release 1) I'll no longer be supporting previous versions of EventHorizon, and 2) Configuration options will most likely be lost in the transition.

If an icon is wider than it is tall, the full width is always shown. Let me know if I broke anything (again). * Warrior/Prot: Removed Concussion Blow. * Misc: ...lots. v1.9.5-Beta-1 *Core: - Got core working for WoD. (First rev.) - Added notification on first load (one time only) about current state of addon and WoD class config status. - Fixed EventHorizon displays all of your class/spec's rotational abilities on a common time scale.

And math. Example(s): Code: self:newSpell({ cooldown = 1543, smallCooldown = true, stance = 1, }) EH will show a small cooldown of the spell with spellID 1543 if the player is in stance Added the following class configs: Paladin - Holy/Prot/Ret Warrior - Arms/Fury Druid - Balance/Feral/Guardian/Resto Death Knight - Blood/Frost/Unholy Priest - Disc/Holy/Discipline Rogue - Assassination/Outlaw/Sub Monk - Windwalker Demon Hunter - Havoc/Vengeance Check the Balance Druid screenshot for an example, it's on the Moonfire bar. * Much more support has been added for custom spell configuration.

v1.9 r321: Bunch of workarounds because Blizzard hates me. * Core: Bars with both channeled spells and auras (Warlock, Priest, Mage) will no longer lose their channel ticks on aura changes. If you are in a locale using a language other than English, EH will ONLY be able to track the cooldowns of trinkets with USE: effects. (4): Deathbringer's Will should work As time goes by, the events scroll from right to left. v1.9 r377: Eep. * Core: Fixed error spam when mouseover units are being actively tracked. * Core: Increased the period between mouseover aura checks from ~100ms to ~150ms.

That's because of these options! Eradication defined as not affecting DoT haste.