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Lightbox 2 Not Working


http://www.joomlacontenteditor.net is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Joomla! This is not a bug, but a side-effect of unobtrusive scripts of this kind. Thanks. bendybendy Posted 3 years ago Hi, This issue has been addressed here but Im having a similar problem as cparker030 above. this contact form

Then add the width and height as parameters in your HREF (?width=100&height=100). I've looked at the troubleshooting suggestions in this thread, and here, have double-checked the codex instructions, but can't get Lightbox to work on my site. Instead of using Prototype like the Codex page is expecting, it uses jQuery. Please note that the dimensions can be percent based. Google.com Apple.com Twitter.com Inline content Demo Code To open inline content, simply:

Lightbox 2 Not Working

what i noticed wat that if i remove from the line if (anchor.href && typeof(anchor.href) == "string" && $(anchor).attr('rel')) { the first condition anchor.href && lightbox works both in IE and Change the href of your link so it is the ID of the inline content you want to open with the ID CSS selector (#). Here's all the Razor, HTML, and jQuery (some of the image code elided for brevity): selected from _SiteLayout.cshtml: